Tuesday, December 31, 2013

All Eyes on New Year's Eve! ;)

Black-eyed peas are one of the most popular foods traditionally eaten for New Year's feasts. Some people think they symbolize coins so they'll bring prosperity and wealth. Some people think the little black ring or "black eye" represents a continuous ring of luck carrying over into the new year. And some think they are just a rockin' good time.  ;)

Vegans love 'em because they slip easily into all sorts of bean-friendly recipes, they're high in protein and fiber, and they're crazyyumful!

from Kylie at Fellowship of the Vegetable

from Morgan at Fo Reals Life

from Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking

from Julie Morris via PETA

from Dan at The Gourmet Vegan

from Vegan in Louisiana via VeggieBoards

from megmeister at Vegan Food Addict

from Adrienne at Adrienneats

from Susan at FatFree Vegan Kitchen

from Erin at Vegan Homemade

from Lisa's Kitchen

And yippee...black-eyed peas' best bud cornbread is lucky too!

from Rachel at Almonds & Avocados

Organic black-eyed peas online...
Eden Organic (canned)
Greater Goods (bulk dried)
Shiloh Farms (bulk dried)

What's your favorite way to eat black-eyed peas? Do you eat lucky foods for the New Year? What's your New Year's wish? 

Have a safe and spinningly joyous New Year's Eve!  :)


  1. I never knew black eyed peas were considered good luck- must get some for New Year when I go shopping today! I love to eat them with brown rice, thyme and coconut, or with sundried tomatoes and miso as a pate. With or without black eyed beans, hope you have a great New Year :)

    1. They'd be perfect with your Sundried Tomato and Olive Spread...goodgolly that looks delicious! :)