Thursday, December 5, 2013

The Total Torte

Happy National Sacher Torte Day!
Homemade cakes were a rarity when I was growing up...Mom was primarily a pie baker and Dad loved baking loaves. So I was never really a cake craver and I definitely didn't care for frosting. When we did have cake, I always scraped it off and just savored the soft cakey goodness. My brother usually ended up with the extra frosting and everyone was happy.  :)

I'm still not a frosting fan unless it's on something special like a Sacher Torte. Somehow these magical creations get it all right...dense dark chocolate cake sandwiching bright apricot jam filling and covered in a rich robe of chocolate ganache. It's a perfect balance. Sorry bro, this time the frosting's mine.  ;)

from Mihl at seitan is my motor

from Giulia at Tutupa's Lab

from Jennifer at The Tasteful Pantry

from Susanna Booth at The Guardian

from Yukiko at Berkshire Vegan

from Ange at Veggie Art

from Celine at have cake, will travel

from Momo at Mighty Good Eats

from Carla at The Bee's Knees Kitchen

Have you eaten Sacher Torte? What flavor of jam would you use for a filling? Do you eat the frosting off your cake first then eat the cake?  ;)


  1. Yeah, i love sachertorte, and make one with date syrup sometimes.. Miine has no filling, and melted chocolate on top.I always used to eat the icing of any cake and throw away the cake part when i was a kid :)

  2. I’m not a huge fan of frosting either, wow Jennifer @ The Tasteful Pantry’s sacher torte looks amazing!