Sunday, December 22, 2013

Welcoming Winter Across The Blue

On the other side of the Pacific the Solstice holiday is often celebrated with tang yuan, glorious little balls of glutinous rice flour which may or may not be filled and are traditionally served in a clear broth or covered in ginger syrup. Symbols of family unity, the turning over of a new year and the coming of longer brighter days, these optimistic orbs are often vibrantly hued and will quickly disappear due to extreme yumfulness!  :)

from Denise at Singapore Shiok!

from Bee Yinn Low at Nyonya Food

from Crystal at The Modern Vegetarian

from Qi Ting at A Dessert Diet

from Ann at Anncoo Journal

from Su-yin at Bread et Butter

from Chow Vegan

from Audrey at Hungry Peepor

from Jeroxie at Addictive & Consuming

from Melissa at Dash of East

Have you ever tried tang yuan? What's your favorite filling? Are traditional foods part of your Winter Solstice celebration?

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