Saturday, December 14, 2013

How Do You Do Stew?

Happy National (Vegan) Bouillabaisse Day!
Happiness is savoring a steaming hot bowl of homemade stew after a crazybusy day out in the cold...yumza!  :)

The globe is covered with a brilliant quilt of soul-warming many to choose from! Bouillabaisse is a French fish stew that usually includes chunks of veggies and is traditionally served with bread and rouille, a spicy mayo. Ditch the fish and switch it up with vegan deliciousness!

from Taymer at Vegan In The Sun

from Amanda Berne via SFGate (photo by John Lee)

from Isa Chandra at The Post Punk Kitchen

More yumful stews from around the world...

from What Would Cathy Eat?

from Dimitra Kontou via One Green Planet

from Amey at Vegan Eats & Treats

from Sala at Veggie Belly

from Betsy DiJulio via Go Dairy Free

from Liz at Savory Spicy Sweet

from Rina at Dining With Out-Laws

Do you miss fish since going vegan? What are your favorite stew recipes? What food warms you up best in winter?  :)

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