Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hot Bowls of O's

Happy National Noodle Ring Day!
What's a Noodle Ring?

It could be this

(probably veganizable, but goodgolly why?)

or this


or this

(miso please...supercute!)

But when I hear "noodle rings" I think of fun pasta shapes you can stack on your fork!  :)

Oodles of O's...

from Lisa's Project: Vegan

from Maggie at Desert Vegan

from Chocolate Covered Katie

from Isa Chandra at The Post Punk Kitchen

from Chris at Eat Air

from Renae at i eat food

from Erin at Olives for Dinner

Soups and stews too...

from Lisa's Project: Vegan

from Jessica at The Adapted Life

from Bobbie at The Vegan Crew

Look for anellini (or the larger version known as anelli or anelletti) or even the stubby tubes known as calamari. If you can't find those, go for the old standby shapes ditalini (little tubes), rotelle (wagon wheels) or alphabet pasta (it's got O's in it!).
Go gluten-free...try Gluten Free & Vegan Vegetable Anelli from Gogo Quinoa or Gluten-free Anellini from Schar
Go local...check out Trader Joe's or your favorite neighborhood Italian grocery store.  :)

Throw those rings into any pasta's always fun to play with your pasta!  :)

Have you tried ring-shaped pasta? What's your favorite shape for pasta soup? Would you ever eaten an actual baked noodle ring? What would you put in the middle?

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