Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's A Double Dunkin' Kinda Day :)

Happy Bake Cookies Day!
Today's a cookie-dunking kind of day so biscotti are the perfect baking project! Traditional biscotti are double-baked cookies...first you bake the dough up as a loaf, then you slice it up and bake the batch again so each cookie becomes yumfully crunchy! They're meant to be dunked in coffee or milk or whatever your favorite splash is this time of year. Hot cocoa, almond milk or a mug of vegan egg nog and biscotti sounds supercrazydelicious to me!  :)

from Ana Fernandez

from Beverly Lynn Bennett via VegNews

from Ashlee at The Little Foxes

from Kim at VeganBakingMama

from Dreena's Vegan Recipes

from Claryn at Hell Yeah It's Vegan!

from Dayna at Vegan Visitor

from Annie at an unrefined vegan

from Allyson Kramer

Are you a cookie dunker? Have you been baking cookies lately? Share recipes if you like!  :)

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