Friday, December 13, 2013

A Sprinkle of Joy

Happy Rainbow Sprinkle Day!

Okay, I'm totally making this one up.
It's actually Ice Cream Day but I just can't do it...I'm a winter wimp and it's too cold for ice cream!  :)

Rainbow sprinkles spin me sillyhappy with joy so I say celebrate them! They add a supersweet covering of color to anything...just like crayonbright Christmas lights against a newfallen snow. Sprinkle up your oatmeal, your vegan yogurt and yes, even your ice cream if you are a frozentreat-loving polar bear-ish kind of person.  ;)

This is as close as I get to polar bears...

from Chloe Coscarelli via Steven and Chris

from Kristina at Whipped

from Davida at The Healthy Maven

from Martina at Healthy Like This

from Jessica at Desserts With Benefits

from Chocolate Covered Katie

from Heather at with a Side of Sneakers

from Jillian-Elle at La Dolce Vita Vegan

Make your own sprinkles...

from Stella at BraveTart

from Hannah at Bittersweet via Chocolate Covered Katie

Or scoop them up at the store...
Vegan Gluten Free Confetti Sprinkelz & Carnival Sprinkelz from Edward & Sons
Cruelty-free Rainbow Confetti and Sanding Sugar from Americolor
and Boatloads of Edible Confetti Sprinkles!

What's your favorite sprinkled treat? Do you eat ice cream all year long or just in warm weather? Banana splits...sprinkles or chopped nuts or both? Have you ever done the Polar Bear Plunge?  ;)

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