Saturday, December 28, 2013

Blockbuster Cinema Sweets!

Happy National Chocolate Candy Day!
Let's head to the movies!

This is prime movie-going season with loads of superfabulous new films exploding onscreen. Big screens mean big snacks but most movie theaters aren't vegan-friendly!
The best-selling movie theater chocolates...
Baby Ruth
Junior Mints
Kit Kat
Milk Duds
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Sno Caps
Fizzling box office failures! At last check, all contain dairy products and/or gelatin, including their dark chocolate versions. 

So what's a film fan to do? Veganize 'em!

from Cara at Fork and Beans

from Claryn at Hell Yeah It's Vegan!

from Betsy at Desserts Required

from Margaret's Dish

from Angela at Oh She Glows

from Dana at Minimalist Baker

from Lauren at Oatmeal with a Fork

from Kortney at Vegan Housewives

from Pj at Vegan Dinner and a Movie

from Angela at Oh She Glows

from Cara at Fork and Beans

from Shannon at leaves & flours

FYI...40 years ago this week the Endangered Species Act was signed into law! Celebrate (and help support the cause) with chocolate and change!

Which films make the top of your list this season? What's your favorite cinema snack...popcorn, candy, chocolate...? Do you smuggle your own treats into the movies? Somehow krispy treats often find their way into my coat pockets on movie nights.  ;)


  1. I've been known to sneak in my own movie popcorn. Even though a lot of movie popcorn is actually vegan, it's so expensive! Plus, I've gotten hooked on having nutritional yeast flakes on my popcorn. It's not the same without it.

    Recently I smuggled my favorite candy bar, Eli's Earth Dream Big bar, into a movie. However, I don't usually have the good fortune of having one of those candy bars around for such an occasion.

    Hot Tamales used to be my favorite movie snack. I wish someone would make a healthier version of those!

    1. Cinnamon candies were my favorites as a kid! I loved Red Hots and Hot Tamales and every time we got a pile of jelly beans I'd go straight for the red ones to see if they were cinnamon...oh how sad I was when they were the icky cherry beans! I suppose you could make DIY cinnamon gumdrops and add extra cinnamon. Definitely worth experimenting! ;)