Monday, December 9, 2013

Ready, Aim...Pastries!

Happy National Pastry Day!
There's a thick sloppy spread of new snow out there today...hello snowball fight! As a kid I was a wickedgood snowball sniper...I didn't have a power arm but I had dead on aim. Jimmy the neighborhood bully got nailed every time...HA!

My all time fave aftersnowball snack was hot chocolate with marshmallows and a blueberry Pop Tart. I always ate it straight from the toaster and always burned my mouth cuz I couldn't wait for it to cool off. Snowball champs are tough like that.  ;)

I don't eat boxed Pop Tarts anymore...according to PETA's Accidentally Vegan Food List, Kellogg's Unfrosted Blueberry, Strawberry and Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts are vegan, but reading their ingredient lists makes my head hurt. So it's homemade blueberry pastries FTW!  :)

from Jessica at Desserts With Benefits

from Sariea at VegWeb, photo by Chicyuna

from Kim at Welcoming Kitchen

from Chocolate Covered Katie

from Vanessa at PETA

from Mo at Mo Betta Vegan

from Hannah at House Vegan

from Kelly at Hidden Fruits and Veggies

from Tiffany at Bread Without Butter

Mix and match the pastry recipes and the fillings...I'm thinking blueberry cream cheese, apple cashew butter, pear maple pistachio, banana caramel and vegan nutella all need to be pastried up!

What fillings would you like to try? Did you eat Pop Tarts as a kid? What's your favorite aftersnowball snack? How good is your aim?  ;)

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