Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy (Alien) Cauliflower Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Chris and Harald Walker at Vegalicious

Besides the fact that cauliflower is all you want in a megahealthy veggie, did you know it comes in several screaming neon colors? Yep, orange, green, purple all pack that cauliflower magic! My fave is Romanesco, a crazyalien cross between cauliflower and broccoli sporting spikes of swirling neon green! It's milder and nuttier than its kissing cousins so give it a taste if you want a cauliflower fix.  :)

Chris is a wickedhotwhiz in the kitchen and Harald's superhandy with a camera...when they aren't cruising Europe in their sweet little RV they're creating easy and irresistible vegan dishes! They make even my worst enemy cilantro look yumfully tempting! (Trading basil for cilantro solves my anti-cilantro prob.)  ;)

Spike up your night with a Vegalicious twist!...

What's the weirdest veggie you've ever eaten? Are there veggies on your "Definitely Never" list? Do you ever cruise about in a rockin' RV?  :)

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