Sunday, January 12, 2014

Happy Tempeh Day!

Blogger of the Day: Julia at Julia's (Vegan) Kitchen

My trusty computer was down most of the day today so I'm looking for something mindnumbingly easy to make and yumfully delicious to eat...tempeh to the rescue!  :)

In case you're new to the vegan game, tempeh is tofu's more macho big brother. It's made from fermented soybeans instead of soybean milk so it's denser and "meatier" than tofu, making it perfect for breading and crisping and burgering. To mellow it out you usually soak it or cook it in liquid first, then zip it into your tempeh-ready recipe for a fabulously filling feast!

Julia's a tempeh expert, spinning it into all sorts of crazygood comfort foods like Tempeh "Tuna" Noodle Salad, Tempeh-Mushroom Stroganoff, Tempeh with Lemon Tahini Sauce, Tempeh Sausage and Roasted Potatoes with Mushroom Gravy, Crispy Tempeh and of course Tempeh Bacon...see? I told you she's an expert!  ;)

She loves traveling so many of her dishes are internationally'll find something to dig into no matter what mood you're in. I need a giant bowl of feelbetter food, so I'm definitely hanging out in Julia's Kitchen tonight!  :)

Have you given tempeh a try? Are there other vegan foods that are on your "Want To Try" list? What meal do you make when you need some comfort food?  :)

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  1. We have a friend who just started his own business making tempeh- he uses barley and wheat as well as soya to make different varieties.I don't use tempeh very often, but it's always a winner when I do! Mycomfort food is usually something like dal with veggies in, or vegan cheese and crackers with some home made chutney.

    1. mmmmyes! Your Plum Chutney on crackers or a quick bread would be so yumful! :)