Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy Toffee Day!

Blogger of the Day: Claire at Almost Skinny Vegan Food

It's a crazybusy day today so as much as I'd groove on some real vegan toffee, I've got no time for watching, stirring and candy thermometering. Did someone say "easy toffee balls"? OhHeckYes!

Claire is a jane-of-all-trades...superfab photographer, artist, teacher, student, blogger and vegan wonderwoman! Her recipes are gluten-free and plant-focused with plenty of rockin' raw recipes (okay, okay...the toffee balls are coming). She's got loads of info and links on basic veganism and healthy diet tips too so check out her site!  Now get ready to roll!

Key links for quinoa...
Organic Red Quinoa Puffs
Kosher Mills Pop-Quin Puffed Quinoa Gluten-Free Cereal
Gogo Quinoa Royal Quinoa Puffs (Canada)

Or try puffing quinoa's easy!
Alter Eco Organic Fair Trade Quinoa
Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa
Bob’s Red Mill Organic Quinoa Grain
Bulk Organic Quinoa

What's your favorite form of toffee? Do you cook with grains? Have you ever popped quinoa? What did you do with it?  :)

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  1. Mmmmm those date toffee puff balls sound incredible. As does the zucchini pasta in avocado sauce. So much YUM!

    1. I know...those little toffee balls are so yumful you can pop a dozen in your mouth without even thinking! :)