Monday, January 13, 2014

Happy Cake in a Mug Day!

Blogger of the Day: Katie at Chocolate Covered Katie
Pubs: Her first cookbook is due out in Fall 2014...yay!

My merry old vegan friend Lil suggested a microwave cake day and I'm all for that sort of easybakedup brilliance so here ya go!  ;)

Katie's the go-to girl if you need a quick hit of a sweet treat! Her goal is to create healthier versions of traditional desserts, with boatloads of oatmeals and pancakes and even tater tots too! She also gives you nutritional info for her recipes if you're into that sort of thing. I am so not a calorie counter and I side with Katie when she says just balance your sweet bites with healthy foods and a treat-yourself-right attitude.  :)

Bravehearted Katie has just picked up and moved from her quiet (warm) life in Texas to crazybusy (and much chillier) Wash DC...go wish her luck in her new chocolate-covered digs!

The clever Katie provides oven directions too for most of her waveable cakes.  :)

Have you made microwave cakes? Do you cook for yourself or lots of other people? Do you eat chocolate everyday like Katie? Have you ever switched up your life with a superbrave big decision?

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  1. Congrats to Kate with her first cookbook!

    1. Now it's your turn...I'd love to see you do a cookbook! :)