Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy National Tempura Day!

Blogger of the Day: Lolo at VeganYumYum
Pubs: Vegan Yum Yum

Tempura is Japanese batter-fried amazingness! Crispify any vegan food you like...the trick is to get the perfect balance between light fried coating and your yumful underfoods...follow these tips and you'll be a Tempurista in no time!
• Fresh--Use the freshest best-tasting ingredients
• Dry--If you wash your ingredients first, make sure they're completely dry before you batter
• Cold--Use supercold ice water in your batter
• Heat--Just fry a few pieces at a time or your hot oil will cool down too much
• Rest--Hang back and let them fry without a lot of stirring
• Drain--Use a rack, strainer or paper towels on a thick layer of newspaper
• Eat--Sauce 'em up, then pop these babies in your mouth ASAP!  :)

Lolo's recipes run from the easy to the exotic and the photos will hypnotize you with deliciousness! She explains everything in a simple friendly way, including lots of options and in-progress pics, plus she includes a How To section for things like "How to Roast a Pepper" and "How to Slice a Mango". Every recipe I've tried from her site is always a winner and my world is so much happier since I discovered her brilliant Blueberry Hand Pies!

More Lolo love...
She blew carnivore Martha away when she made edible (vegan) sweaters!
Her Food Photography for Bloggers post is hugely helpful if you want to snap your masterpieces in the kitchen!  :)

Have you tried tempura? What would you batter up...veggies, fruits, vegan cheese or...? Do you photo your food at home or when you go out to eat? What's your best photo'ing advice?  ;)

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