Thursday, January 16, 2014

Happy National Fig Cookie Day!

Blogger of the Day: Annie at An Unrefined Vegan

Annie's "Cuccidati"

My mom and I have been working together on a family cookbook project for far it's a compilation of funny and touching stories with a few dozen family recipes sandwiched in between. The ones we can remember many have never been written down! They're all sourced from several generations of my Italian family, spanning the boot from the rustic estates of Abruzzo to the sun-warmed shores of Sicily, and kicking over here to the Big City on the Lake. It's a fun project because Mom is a fabulous storyspinner, mixing in just enough myth and mystery to keep the tales interesting, including her own adventures. Apparently I'm not the only wildchild in the family.  ;)

Our choice for favorite family cookie recipe? Cuccidati! These fig-filled rainbow-sprinkled gems shoot me overthemoonhappy...festively decorated, their soft glazed cookie outsides gently crackle and give as you bite through to their richly sweet fruity insides. Light years ahead of packaged fignewts, and a whole different animal than Italian biscotti, these little handfuls of yum have a special place in the Cookie Hall of Fame and in my fig-lovin' heart. Imagine my squeals of joy when I saw Annie's recipe for Sicilian Fig Cookies...I think I even did a SnoopyHappyDance. Thank you Annie for sharing your recipe!

Annie's cookies are just a glimpse into her supercreative soul! She makes mindspinningly delicious vegan delights, plus she is a whimsical printer and compassionate counselor too. Annie's courage in transforming her life from benevolent exec in the city to generous artist in the heartland genuinely inspires me to stick to my wildchild dreams and my happydancin' ways.  ;)

Does your family have any favorite traditional treats? Have you ever tried writing a family cookbook? Was it mostly stories or recipes? Care to share a wild tale or two?  :)

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  1. Oh geez, you're sweet. Thank you so much for the glowing post - I'm really touched. I hope that you finish your amazing project with your mom - but really the best part is sharing and storytelling anyway, right? Cherish those times. xoxo