Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Sesame Seed Day!

Blogger of the Day: Rebecca at The Vegan Chronicle

Many of the world's favorite foods are covered with sesame seeds...candies and cookies, breads and breadsticks, bagels and balls, not to mention oodles of noodles! There's just something about these humble little seeds that makes almost anything magically yumful!  :)

Food blogs may draw you in with dazzling photographs or enchanting narratives or groovin' attitude...some just rock the recipes! Rebecca's blog is one of those, just boatloads of soul-filling sandwiches and wraps, hearty meals and delicious desserts from all over the map. She reviews and rates each one, then offers suggestions about improving or changing it if you want. I love that approach to cooking...experiment, be creative, learn from what you try and share it if you wish!  :)

The fare there includes Tofu Negamaki, Greek Fashoulakia, Sesame Farfalle with Roasted Tofu, 'Pepperoni', 'Provolone', and Pesto Stromboli, 'Smoked Cheddar' and Lentil Burgers, Raspberry-Topped Amaretto Tarts, Nectarine Clafouti and hundreds more!

And check out her new blog as of 1/2/14...Vegan Chronicle...more vegan recipes there soon!

Do you like sesame-sprinkled dishes and desserts? Which are your favorites? How important are photos to you when looking for a recipe?

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