Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Happy Spelt Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Mike and Catrell at The Wandering Coconut

Spelt is a one of many grains in the wheat family with loads of nutritional goodness...it's easier to digest than wheat so sometimes people who are sensitive to wheat can tolerate spelt instead (though it's not gluten-free). Its rich nutty flavor is a favorite in things like spelt spaghetti, cereals and crunchable crispbreads...yumza!

Professional travel agents Mike and Catrell happily globegallop with their three sons, meeting exciting people, learning about cultures and cuisines, and sharing their veg-friendly recipes too! Their lookout on life is all about health and wellness and enjoying life...Mike says:
• Food should be enjoyed, not feared
• Avoid processed foods and eat mainly a whole food plant-based diet
• Eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily
• Travel and staying healthy can go hand-on-hand
Read the rest of their handy Health Tips and check out these yumful muffins and more!

Speltify your pantry...
Arrowhead Mills: Organic Spelt Flour, Organic Spelt Flakes
Bob's Red Mill: Organic Spelt Flour, Organic Spelt Berries, Rolled Spelt Flakes Hot Cereal
One Degree Organics: Organic Spelt Flours, Organic Spelt Kernels, Organic Flax and Spelt Bread
VITA-SPELT: Flours, Kernels, Pastas, Pretzels, Sesame Sticks
Eden Organic Pasta: Gemelli, Rigati, Ribbons and Spaghetti
Eden Organic Imported Noodles: Soba and Udon
Your bread box...
Grindstone Bakery: Hi Flax Spelt Loaf, Multigrain Spelt Loaf, Sprouted Seed Spelt Loaf
Mestemacher: Organic Natural Rye and Spelt Bread
Rudi's Organic Bakery: Spelt Bread, Spelt Ancient Grain Bread, Spelt English Muffins
Vermont Bread Company: Spelt Organic Bread, Spelt Organic English Muffins
And your cookie jar!
New Moon Kitchen Vegan Spelt Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Bite Me, Momints, Snappers, Mokas, Love Bites, Goldies, Mackies

Do you like trying alternative grains? Have you had spelt spaghetti or spelt bread? If you could travel to any faraway place right at this moment, where would you go?  :)

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  1. Europeans use a lot of spelt in their bread/desserts, I was surprised with that because in America, you don’t see the word spelt very often in the ingredients! I prefer spelt! Mike’s corn chowder looks tasty!

    1. I noticed a several spelt treats you've mentioned from your travels like the Austrian Spelt Apple Slices you sampled...yumza!