Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Chicory Day!

Blogger of the Day: Alice at cotto e crudo

Remember summertime days exploring forgotten fields and bringing home bouquets of wild things for your mom? Did you ever guess there were feasts in those flowers?

Check out chicory! By nature this bunch is on the bitter side but it can be tempered out by cooking if you like. The group of gourmet greens includes...
• Common Chicory-the leaves of this roadside bloom brightly flavor all sorts of dishes, and the root is often ground up and used in coffee substitutes...really good stuff!
• Sugarloaf-long oval heads of greens that sing in salads or stews
• Radicchio-deep green or rosy red bunches that add a spike of color and spice
• Belgian Endive-these tight white spears of leaves zing up any recipe...choose whiter leaves if you want a mellower taste

Now on to the recipes! I've only just found Alice's crazyamazing cotto e crudo ("cooked and raw" in Italian) and I'm lovin' it! So many supercreative recipes, combining the common with the exotic and developing flavors that are flippingly delicious! I've already spent hours on the site and can barely tear myself away!  :)

Have you tried Radicchio or Belgian Endive or any other chicory? Do you experiment with new ingredients or do prefer the tried and true? What was your last experiment and how did it go? Who was the last person you surprised with a bouquet of flowers?  ;)

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