Thursday, January 30, 2014

Happy National Croissant Day!

Blogger of the Day: Helen at Paris Vegan

Helen's livin' the dream...a British-born vegan teaching English in Paris, she reviews restaurants and products, offers handy tips like how to choose French bread and how to eat cheap or posh in Paris and of course creates superyumful recipes!

Croissants aren't the easiest things to veganize since they're butter-based but Helen's short-cut version uses store-bought puff pastry so it's a snap. Go ahead and experiment with different fillings and you'll have an impressive spread for your Superbowl Sunday fans!  :)

Note: Pepperidge Farms frozen puff pastry is technically vegan because it's made with oil instead of butter but look for organic versions if you can find them.

Do you like plain or filled croissants? Have you been to Paris? What's your dream job?

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  1. I haven'd had croissants for years, but I did like them with chocolate inside! Will try Helen's- thanks. I love Paris, and France in general, but was resigned to a diet of bread , crisps, salad and fruit there I will visit Helen's site for the vegan tips :)

    1. Chocolate filled croissants are so hard to resist...blueberry-filled too. Yumza!