Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy National Shortbread Day!

Blogger of the Day: Joey at Flicking the Vs

Shortbread cookies are too simple to pass up...yumful in a comfort food kinda way and supereasy! Make enough to fill up your cookie jar, then wrap up a boxful for the neighbor that gave you tomatoes from her garden, a friend who lent you a couple bucks last time you went out or a sweetie who makes you smile.  :)

Yes, there are boatloads of bloggers who do shortbread cookies in fancy gourmet ways that I totally love but Joey's shorties caught my eye for 2 reasons...
1.Owls. Owls, people! How can you not love these chubby little chirpers?
2.Joey is just flat out funny on the sly, blasting out whatever's on her mind and making me lmao. You'll see.  ;)

Note: Joey's in the UK so don't forget to convert the measurements!

If you make shortbread cookies, who will you share them with? Will you make owls or some other edible animal? Who is one of your favorite funny bloggers?

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