Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Happy Green Bean Day!

Blogger of the Day: Caroline at Sincerely Caroline
Pubs: The Gluten-Free Revolution, Gluten-Free for the Holidays

The humble little green bean gets a holiday of its own and it's well deserved! They're so good steamed, plus they're healthy and lowcal...only about 44 calories in a whole cup so you can munch yourself silly on them guiltfree!  :)

My mom and I were reminiscing about the BBQ parties we used to have when I was a kid and it reminded me of her classic green bean pasta salad...always simple, light and delicious. Caroline's version adds an Asian twist and powers up the pasta using quinoa as the carb. Caroline is a long distance runner and certified Pilates instructor who follows a gluten-free diet and offers articles on beauty, fitness and nutrition, gluten-free lifestyle tips and of course recipes, including several easy vegan entries. Her Green Bean Asparagus Pasta Salad is perfect for upcoming BBQs and picnics, and for today because it's Happy Green Bean Day, National Asparagus Month and National Salad Month!  ;)

Do you like green bean salads or do you prefer green beans a different way? What are your favorite summertime salads? Will you be grilling this weekend? What's your favorite veggie on the grill?  ;)

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