Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Skewered Food Day!

Bloggers of the Day: Vanessa and Rachel at V.K.Rees Photography
Pubs: Isa Does It (Vanessa Rees, Photographer)

V.K.Rees Photography is...
Vanessa, the stun-you-silly wonderkid cooking and clicking behind the camera.
Rachel, her deliciously gifted sister, also cooking behind the camera.
The most squealingly lovable cats.
And the most disarmingly charming kittens.

The photos are brilliant and breathtaking, the recipes deeply layered with flavors. The kebabs will leave you licking your fingers and wanting moremoremore. Find your skewers, make these crazyamazing things, then kick back with some cocktails and enjoy the start of your weekend.  ;)

What's your favorite skewered food? Do you have a classic kebab recipe for summer grilling? Name your fave hot weather cocktails!  :)

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