Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy British Sandwich Week Day Pt.4 and "Buttermilk" Scones!

Blogger of the Day: Andrea at Chocolate and Beyond
Pubs: Wot, No Eggs?! The Beginner's Guide To Becoming An Expert Vegan Baker -- free ebook!

Meet Manchesterian Andrea...professional writer, expert traveler and healthy happy vegloving blogger! Andrea is also an intuitive eater who went full on vegan in the beginning of January 2012. She enjoys sharing her wit and wisdom in and out of the kitchen, offering helpful hints like her free baking ebook as well as her Top Tips for Vegan Travellers and 7 Effective Steps to Ditching Dairy for Good...and plenty of vegan recipes including big hearty sandwiches and burgers!  :)

And something "buttermilky" for National Buttermilk Biscuit Day...

Club sandwiches are yumfully packed doubledeckered stacks...what's your favorite doubledecker sandwich?  :)

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