Monday, May 12, 2014

Happy British Sandwich Week Pt.2!

Blogger of the Day: Becky at VegHotPot

I love sandwiches too much to just do one post. Plus I found this ridiculicious recipe...soooo crazygood! Vegaholic Becky tempts you with options to make it as a salad or as a sandwich. Make the sandwich! Make one for breakfast, then lunch, then dinner. Okay, throw in her Vegan BLT's too. And a few of those screamingly amazing Vegan Welsh Rarebits. Thank you are a Spectacular Sandwich Week Queen!  :)

Interesting fact I learned this week...when you're out at lunch or relaxing at the pub, if you give an American a bag of chips, most often he'll rip off the top and chow down himself. In the UK he'll usually tear the back seam, spread the bag open and share with his mates.  :)

What do you like on the side of your sammie...fries? pickles? chips? Do you share?  ;)

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♥ Today is also International Nurses Day, as well as the last day of National Nurses Week in the US. Give your favorite nurse a hug, buy him a coffeeshop gift card, take her out to lunch, bake them a basket of easy vegan treats!  :)