Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy British Sandwich Week Pt.6!

Blogger of the Day: Rachel at Vanilla Sugar

Ever hear of a "Shooter Sandwich"? Originally invented as a way for hunters to carry a big meal into the field, it's basically a boatload of sandwich stuff layered into a hollowed out boule, then capped, wrapped and smashed. Supercool idea, but it needs a compassionate makeover and a new name! How about Sanctuary Sandwich, so you can take it with you when you volunteer for the day at an animal sanctuary and share it with your friends? Or The Big Top, perfect for a day of protesting circuses? Or Compassion Smash, because it's a healthy happypack of animalfree foodpower!  :)

Feisty Brighton biker & baker Rachel shows you how to build your own, step by superdelicious step!

Tip...use a Cooking Conversion Calculator to get US measurements & temps.

Have you ever had a shooter sandwich? What would you smash in it? Tell us your new nonshooting veganfriendly name for it!  :)

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