Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy British Sandwich Week Pt.3 and A Slice of Apple Pie!

Blogger of the Day: Miriam at Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes
Pubs: Mouthwatering Vegan, Vegan For Life Magazine

As a pre-vegan kid I'd often make a big bowlful of egg salad for the family on Sandwich Saturdays. It was bamsimple to make...after awhile I could do it with my eyes closed (okay, maybe not the egg boiling part). Mine always ended up in sandwiches, smashed thickly between two stout pieces of bread. Then straight outside for treeclimbing, hiking and lots of backcountry biking!  ;)

Miriam's egg salad comes as close as I've ever had to that Saturday sandwich. It uses kala namak which gives it that yumful saltyeggy (and totally vegan) taste. It's also known as sanchal or black salt...it's actually dark brownish purple in crystalline form and earthen pink once processed. You can find it in Indian food shops or specialty grocery stores or online:
Artisan Salt Co
Spices Inc
Wilderness Family Naturals
Definitely give it a try if you can, or just sub in your favorite salt if you can't find it or don't like that taste.

Miriam's other recipes are just as vivid, rich and magnificently creative...and they include two of my lifelong weaknesses, Baklava and Tiramisu! She grew up working in her Greek parents' London restaurant, went on to become a nutritionist & holistic aromatherapist and currently enjoys life as a multitalented jewelry designer in Malta so she knows how to combine world cuisines into beautifully healthy dishes! Build one of her deliciously filling sandwiches, then give her Apple Filo Pie a try too in honor of National Apple Pie Day!  :)

Have you tried kala namak? How do you use it? Do you like vegan egg salad? What's your favorite Saturday sandwich?  :)

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  1. I've always loved black salt, but sadly the rest of the family don't so I hardly ever get to use it! Shame, as it's brilliant with avocado for an "eggy" vibe.

    1. It's the only way I could get my non-vegan brother to try vegan egg salad. I'll have to tell him about your suggestion of using it with avocados...he loves them! :)