Sunday, May 25, 2014

Happy National Salad Month!

Blogger of the Day: Franzi at Greenderella

When Franzi isn't hanging out with her Hamburg companions she's working to change the world! She's an animalloving treehugging environmentalist, veg-turned-vegan and enterprising artist raising the consciousness of the planet. She shares loads of soulhappy inspiration and lots of purely yumful foods, including a season full of shareable salads!  :)

Family is flocking in for the holiday so it's time to break out the potato salads! Some like a creamy earthy German style, some like a light tangy Italian, some prefer a mustard & herb French version. I'm gonna mix it up this year and throw in a bowl of Franzi's delicious Swedish salad...yumza!  :)

Which would you prefer...a "mayo"based potato salad or an oil&vinegar potato salad? A bowl of melon fruit salad or berry fruit salad? Hugging a donkey or hugging a duck?  :)

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