Sunday, May 4, 2014

Happy Hot Sauce Day!

Blogger of the Day: Mandee at Cupcake Kitteh

Bring on the heat! Travel the world and take your pick from some searingly hot hot sauces...
North America has a crazyamazing array of sauces especially in their Cajun and Creole regions
Mexico uses a vast variety of chili peppers in their spicy Salsas
Latin American cuisine is known for sizzling Sofrito
Caribbean sauces include Bajan Pepper Sauce and Pickapeppa Sauce
Tunisia and the surrounding region use red hot Harissa
Indonesia and Malaysia are famous for Sambal
Korea keeps the heat with Gochujang
Thailand's city Si Racha is the source of Sriracha Sauce
and Portugal adds perfection with its provocative Piri Piri!

Mandee's easy Piri Piri Portobellos are part of her global tour of vegan cooking. Have a go at these saucy shrooms then check out the rest of her zesty spice trail!  :)

based on the original recipe

just to cool down!  :)

Learn about the heat ratings of hot sauces and discover more from around the world!

Are you a hot sauce addict? What are your favorite kinds and cuisines? Do you make your own? Have you ever entered a hot sauce contest?  ;)

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