Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Happy Pick Strawberries Day!

Blogger of the Day: Lauren at The Jolly Fox

Grab some friends and some buckets and head for the nearest pick-your-own farm for a fresh haul of strawberries! Get helpful picking tips here, and don't forget to take a safe sunscreen and a sunhappy hat too. If wandering farmfields isn't your thing, then hop on your bike and find a farmstand, head over to your local farmers' market or set your sights on a strawberry festival this summer!  :)

After you've loaded up a brimming bucket of nutrientpacked berry magic, what do you do? Lauren at The Jolly Fox has plenty of sweet ideas! Lauren is supercreative in the kitchen, no doubt inspired by her many trips to Hawaii, her love of fresh fruits of all kinds and her vegan ingenuity. She's especially ♥smitten♥ with strawberries so take a taste of her pie then discover more of her exotically delicious dishes!

Have you ever farmpicked berries? What's your fave way to eat fresh strawberries...fruit salads, tarts, dipped in chocolate or...? Have you enjoyed the beautiful sunkissed life of Hawaii? Would you like to go swimming with manta rays or would you rather spend the day whale watching?  :)

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