Friday, May 2, 2014

Happy National Truffles Day!

Blogger of the Day: Vicki at Ann Arbor Vegan Kitchen

Truffles Day could go either way...
• savoring the precious and prized cousins of mushrooms that grow deep in hallowed ground and are sold at hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars per pound
• popping the bonbon version in your mouth and sinking into a blissful cocoa coma  :)
I'm going with the latter because I'm seeking a little treat for a housewarming party and Vicki's version is perfect!

In addition to creating vegan recipes, teaching vegan cooking classes and offering professional writing services, Vicki contributes vegan recipes to the Ann Arbor News website...that's how I found her one day, while scrolling through Google News. Vicki's recipes are always a pleasant addition to my family-friendly list of meals. I think a box of her truffles would be lovely as a gift...some snowcoated brandy truffles, maybe a few using cherry brandy and rolled in almond dust, and a blackberry brandy bonbon too, studded with pistachio pieces. What combinations might you try?  

Do you celebrate sweet or savory truffles on National Truffle Day? What's the most memorable truffle you've every tasted? Do you find vegan recipes through the news? Have you ever contributed a vegan recipe to a community website...share links please!  :)

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  1. Truffles have always been I great favourite of mine- I mean the sweet ones- never tried the fungus. I'm currently working my way through a set of sweet ideas using raw ingredients, so my next truffles will most likely be raw and cacao-y. Maybe orange flavour? Love Vicki's blog, so thanks for the introduction- I'll be rustling up that Dominican stew before long :) PS: Keep meaning to contribute to Finding Vegan but not quite got round to it yet...

  2. I just saw your Millionaires' decadently delightful! As raw and cacao-y as any treat should be. You definitely should show off your recipes on Finding Vegan. Cheers!