Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Pocket Full of Yum!

Happy National Pierogi Day!
I love stuffed pockets of anything...samosas, empanadas, calzones, ravioli, turnovers, hand pies...I blame it all on a deprived childhood. My parents outlawed Pop Tarts in our house so I only got them when I visited friends. I suffer from Pop Tart envy to this day.  ;)

Pierogi are the Polish version of filled pocket perfection, usually boiled then baked or fried to golden crispy yumfulness. Traditionally they're filled with potatoes, mushrooms, cheese...dessert pierogi may contain any fruityjammy thing you like.  :)

from Chris & Harald at Vegalicious Recipes

from Dayna at Vegan Visitor

from Chris & Harald at Vegalicious Recipes

from Chris & Harald at Vegalicious Recipes

from Chris & Harald at Vegalicious Recipes

from Caitlin at The Vegan Word

from Allyson Kramer
from Hannah at BitterSweet
from Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack
from VeganSandra

I'd like to try a maple apple pierogi for breakfast, a pesto potato pierogi for lunch and a chickpea chili pierogi for dinner. And a cinnamon sugar blueberry pierogi for dessert.  :)
What would you stuff into your pierogi pockets? What's your favorite filled food?


  1. I love pierogi so much! I've only made them from scratch once, because they take a fair amount of time to make. I wish that someone would come along and make frozen vegan pierogi. I'd be all over that!

  2. I've seen references to the elusive frozen vegan pierogi...one blogger mentioned a spinach version in Portland and I found a vegan mushroom and cabbage pierogi online but I've yet to find them in stores here. I'm sure they would sell because they are one of those soul-smiling comfort foods. :)

  3. I love these Polish dumplings! :) These pockets "full of yum" make me want to go visit Poland one day! Hannah's fried beet pierogi and Jackie's blueberry yogurt pierogi both look tasty!

    1. The other Polish food you should try are Pączki...they're a HUGE deal here on Fat Tuesday. People line up before dawn, even in the snow, to get them! So funny what people will do for doughnuts. :)