Friday, October 18, 2013

Chocolate Hauntings Past and Future

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!
Fear not the whispering ghosts of cupcake-making fails!
Dig into the vaults of Halloween past for wicked cupcake wisdom...

from Willow at Will Cook For Friends

from Kari at Bite-sized Thoughts

from Annie at Meet The Shannons

from Celeste at Growing Up Veg

from River at Wing It Vegan

from Laurence at Vegandlishes

Then gather your ganaches, sugars and sprinkelz and summon the spirits of Halloween future for sweetly decadent devils-to-be...

from Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack

from Robin Asbell via Zoe Bakes

from Kim at C'est La Vegan

from Alexis Johnson via vegansaurus

from Ana Fernandez

Do you favor fondants, frostings, glazes or ganaches? Stencils or sprinkelz? Frankenstein or Dracula?  ;)


  1. I'm in love with Celeste's Kitty Cat Halloween cupcakes, they are so adorable and I can't eat them :(

    1. If it's because of gluten, you could use a gluten-free cupcake recipe and GF vegan VerMints for the eyes. :)