Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All Hail The Mighty Kale

Happy National Kale Day!
Get your greens people, it's National Kale Day!
Saute it, steam it, sandwich it's one of the healthiest plants on the planet and a powerhouse of body-boosting benefits. Bun me up some kale burgers please!

from Ashley Neese

from Maria at Wayfaring Teacher

from Alanna at The Model House Wife

from Gena at Choosing Raw

from Danny at The Gourmet Vegan

from Kip at Messy Vegetarian Cook

from Karlie at Lettuce Change

You can wear a little kale love too!

Do you eat kale? What's your favorite recipe? Do you grow your own?  ;)


  1. Yeah, we grow kale -several types. Unlike the rest of my family I can'y stand it cooked, so I stick to kale chips and shredded kale in salad. Oh, I like shredded kale in stir fries too.

    1. At first I thought the kale craze was a passing fad but people just keep getting more creative with it...even just kale chips. I've seen recipes for Za'atar chips and chili chips, even pizza chips and PB&J chips!