Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Gift of Gumbo

Happy National Gumbo Day!
Louisiana's gift to the world, gumbo is a thick spicy veggie-filled dish with infinite variation...interpreted ingeniously in Creole and Cajun communities, and by each individual chef who spins in their own inspiration. Usually okra-, roux- or file powder-based, gumbos aren't that difficult if you follow a few rules such as choose smaller, firm, unbruised okra and don't let your roux burn...pump your gumbo muscles and stir it constantly!
Get to know a traditional gumbo, then customize it your own vegan way!  :)

from Carol at PETA

from Nathan at Vegan Dad

from R Starr LeMaitre at The Vegan Chronicle

from grumpy old goat at VegWeb

from Kathy at What Do I Know?

from Robin Robertson via Simply Organic

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from Susan at FatFree Vegan Kitchen

For a shortcut yumful gumbo all you need for Gumbo Rice is an onion, vegan butter, veggie broth, cooked rice and Simply Organic Gumbo Seasoning.
Or try Red Quinoa Pilaf using Penzeys Gumbo File Powder or any file powder of your choice.
Either dish would be delicious on its own or "beefed up" with beans or vegan sausage...or maybe served in a taco or tortilla wrap. I definitely would try using the seasonings on a creole pizza or in a lively pasta sauce or baked with your flavors!  :)

What's your favorite kind of gumbo? Have you eaten vegan gumbo in Louisiana? Do you groove on zydeco while cooking in your kitchen?


  1. I'm quite embarrassed. I've never had Gumbo...but I would love to try this classic New Orleans dish! I notice most of the gumbos look so different on your list ... which one seems to be the most authentic looking?

    1. That's hard to say...Gumbo, Louisiana's Bowl of Wonder shows some of the variety found in gumbos...even Chef Paul Prudhomme says there are as many gumbos as there are families in Louisiana. The gumbos in restaurants like K-Paul's and Commander's Palace look like a bowl of superthick chocolate-colored soup with big chunks of meaty things, so I'd say Kathy's Smoked Tofu Gumbo looks really authentic (plus several other recipe writers referenced her gumbos). Gumbo Z-Herbes is a whole different's based on greens like spinach and beet greens so I'd guess the greener the gumbo the better! :)

  2. v.nice. i adore gumbo and veggie options make it even more enticing.

    1. So true and really easy this time of year with boatloads of superyumful Fall veggies! :)