Saturday, October 5, 2013

Betty Goes Undercover

Happy National Apple Betty Day!
Superyumful stuff...crazystrange name. Actually names, because Betty goes by many aliases...buckle, cobbler, crumble, crisp, grunt, pandowdy, slump. Strictly speaking a Betty involves a sweet spicy apple combo, baked under a buttery cover of bread cubes or crumbs, preferably from day-old homemade artisanal bread. I've never been strict about anything in my kitchen so go with a crumble if Betty's not your style, or toss in a tablespoon or two of kirsch or brandy if your Betty's going wild!  ;)

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We visited the farmer's market this morning and got some spinningly delicious apples...they're called Zestars and they're organic and supersweet, slightly tangy and perfectly Fallapplecrunchy! I'm going back for baking apples though so I can bake a Betty...the Zestars are just too good to cook. Plus they have fabulous vegan bread there too! I love farmer's markets.  :)
Have you made a betty/crumble/crispy creation? Do you use other fruits? What are your favorite farmer's market finds?

Update 10/12/13...
FYI we got those gemmy juicy Zestar apples from
Log Cabin Orchard
Scott Overby
N4797 County Rd E
Plymouth, WI 53073
Featuring apples, pears, plums, apple and maple syrup, fresh apple cider and apple butter

Log Cabin Orchard will be at the
Riverwest Winter Gardeners Market
926 E. Center St, Milwaukee
on the 1st and 3rd Sundays 11am-4pm
starting Nov.3, 2013


  1. I have never heard of this "crazystrange" name - Happy National Apple Betty Day? I love your holiday & event posts - I've been learning so much from your blog! From the list of apple betty recipes, the raw vegan apple crisp looks really good! Zester apples sound really pretty for a name - and I like apples that are sweet & slightly tangy!

    Sadly I have never made a crumble or crispy creation - I would love to for Thanksgiving. It is just something I don't normally have around especially whilst traveling. So far I had grapefruits in Buenos Aires - which was probably the only yummy fruits available. They don't have exotic fruits like the ones in Colombia & Mexico I had. So weird right? I went to a small Buenos Aires market two weeks ago - it was mostly locally sourced products - jams, tahini, tea, bread, soy sauce and few vegan eateries.

    1. That's so surprising for such a large city...I'd be completely sad and lost without fruits! Maybe this post by Jill at Vegan Backpacker would help...?