Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Perils of Pudding

Happy National Yorkshire Pudding Day!
Be careful when you order "puddings" across the pond...they just might scare your vegan self!

In the UK, pudding may be a sweet dessert or a carnivorous dish. Traditional Yorkshire pudding refers to something similar to American popovers or biscuits that are baked under a pan of roasting meat so the meat fat drips on them while they're both in the oven, or just baked like biscuits and served with meat and gravy...neither one is showing up in my vegan kitchen anytime soon thank you very much.

However, anything that comes close to the yumfulness of popovers gets my attention and guess what? The superdelicious popover part of Yorkshire pudding has been veganized by some delightfully dedicated UK bloggers...yippee! I love the smell of baking popovers so I hope these recipes come close.  :)

from Debbie at Maple ♥ Spice

from Alternative Stores (photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

from Laura at Heavenly Vegan Baking

from Vegetarian Recipe Club

from The Vegan's Wife

from Jeni at Heathen Vegan

(vegan sausages in Yorkshire pudding) from Becky at veghotpot

Note: most of these recipes use UK measurements so use conversion charts...
oven temps:
weights (grams/ounces):
volume (mL/teaspoons/liquid ounces):

You can eat them plain or slathered with vegan butter, pile in roasted tofu and veggies, or ladle on mushroom-laden gravy or any kind of superthick soup or stew or stroganoffy sort of thing...yumza!

If you're pudding-shy you could use frozen puff pastry shells like PETA's kitchens did in their artfully easy Artichoke Puffs, or stuff them up like so...

from effieboo at In Limbo

from Steffi at Don't Fear the Vegan

from Mihl at seitan is my motor

from Jason at PETA Asia-Pacific

Have you eaten Yorkshire pudding? Have you been to England? What's your favorite way to eat biscuity things?


  1. Yorkshire Pudding is quite easy to vegan-ise; gram flour or egg replacer make good batters. I would say it's more of a batter than a biscuit though. We have a Plum and Almond Clafoutis over at The Yogi Vegetarian if you'd like to try a sweet version. It's a sort of fruity French toad in the hole. Thanks for the lighting tips btw :)

    1. Your clafoutis look magnificently delicious and easy too! You're right, I can see the similarity between them and the puddings and I definitely like that they're fruit-based. Thanks for the link!