Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Don't Forget the Fluff!

Happy National Fluffernutter Day!
My good friend Jo kindly scolded...ummmm, reminded me that today is also National Fluffernutter Day so here's some fabulicious fluffernuttiness.  ;)

Fluffernutter....a peanut butter marshmallow creme sandwich. It's got protein so it's gotta be healthy, right?
Okay, it doesn't have the fruity goodness of a PB&J, but Ricemellow Creme has just 20 calories in a tablespoon...Smucker's Strawberry Jam has 50. Seems treatworthy to me!  ;)

from Dynise at urban vegan

from Ashley Adams at About.com

from Abby at A (soy) Bean

from Becky at Glue and Glitter
from Ashley at La Vita Vegan
from Rachel’s Recipe Box

from Liz at Food Snobbery is my Hobbery

from Kristen at Suburban Vegan

from GirlieGirlArmy
from Averie Cooks
from Elaine at Cooking to Perfection

Have you tried Ricemellow? Do you eat fluffernutter sandwiches? What would you add to them?


  1. Wow! Never heard of this before, but I think I'm now a convert- I have home made pb in the cupboard plus some No Egg which makes a passable marshmallow...

    1. I first heard of them just a few years ago and was shocked that people actually grew up on them! They're a fun treat once in awhile I think, especially if they're toasted. :)

  2. What a funny holiday name! I've never tried vegan marshmellow-based stuff - weird right? I imagine it's really gooey and tasty :) The Vegan Fluffernutter Pie appeals to me the most!

    1. I think that pie recipe is destined for one of my nephew's birthdays...he's a marshmallow fiend!