Friday, October 25, 2013

Cookie Madness

Happy National Cookie Month...The Halloween Edition.  :)
Conjure up some cookie madness!

from Amey at Vegan Eats & Treats

from Keely at Gormandize

from Alisa at Go Dairy Free

from Stephanie at Hope For Healing

from Anya at Golubka

from Somer at Vedged Out based on Natalie Slater's recipe at Bake and Destroy

from The Spooky Vegan

from Carolyn at The Healthy Voyager

from Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack

Now I understand why wicked witches are so ticked off...  ;)

from Nina at Veggie Wedgie
from Angela at the happy raw kitchen
from Nicole at A Dash of Compassion
from The Spooky Vegan
from Rhea at The "V" Word
from Gena at Choosing Raw
from Chef Chloe
from Kim at C'est La Vegan

Check Whole Foods or your local co-op or health food store for vegan food coloring (read the ingredients!) or...
Buy it online...Natural Food Coloring from Chocolate Craft Studio
Make it your way...Homemade Food Coloring from Kathy at Healthy. Happy. Life.

How would you conjure up perfect Halloween cookies? Which is a better Halloween treat...cookies or caramels? What's the worst Halloween treat you ever got?


  1. Really enjoyed looking at all the creative Hallowe'en cookies in this post x I think I prefer cookies to caramels for a treat- they're more substantial, and can be made so pretty. I had a very badly made piece of pumpkin pie once, which put me off for years!

    1. Let me guess...was it a mushified crust? There's nothing worse than a pumpkin pie with mushified crust...they should be outlawed. Practice your pie crusts people! ;)

    2. It was worse than a mushy crust- it was a runny, underflavoured filling! :/

  2. I love the first two! They both remind me of Mexico City! I keep seeing wicked witch fingers lately..they look too good to eat!

    1. It must be crazyfun there this week. I'd lovelovelove to visit Los Loosers...
      "There are rustic, nicely browned cinnamon rolls stuffed with sticky, aromatic apple filling. Cartoonishly plump, sesame-flecked burger buns stacked with thick black bean patties, salsa verde and fresh greens. Crusty baguettes. Colorful slabs of Sicilian-style pizza. Flaky croissants. Golden muffins studded with juicy bits of strawberry."
      See all that gorgeousness...FB page and Instgram :)

  3. Some very cute cookies here! I just made chocolate chip cookies for Mike yesterday. I hear they help with healing. :)