Sunday, October 20, 2013

Jacked Up on Yum

Happy National Popcorn Poppin’ Month!
Cracker Jack was a rare and happy find in our Halloween treat bags as kids. Popcorn and nuts superspun into sugarsmacked yumfulness...ohheckyes! And with a prize inside? What kid could resist?
If you're craving the yum, make your own crackerjacked batch!

from Sarah at The Sweet Life

from Nathan at Vegan Dad

from Rollin' Oats Cafe

from Claryn at Hell Yeah It's Vegan!

from Susan at Real Kids Eat Spinach

from Rollin' Oats Cafe

from Vicky & Ruth at May I Have That Recipe

from Allyson Kramer

from Nikki at the tolerant vegan

How do you make popcorn without oil or butter? Paper Bag Popcorn!
Check out VegWeb for tips on crisping up your Caramel Corn.
And if you're a Cracker Jack addict just because of the prize inside, you can make your own prize pouches and hide them in your Jack.  :)

Do you like cheesy popcorn or sugary popcorn better? What's your fave popcorn treat? What prize would you put in your Cracker Jack? A decoder ring for me please!  :)


  1. What a cute name - Popcorn Poppin'. The Vegan GF salted caramel corn is my thanggggg!!!!