Monday, October 28, 2013

Attack of the Lava Cake Monster!

Happy National Chocolate Day!
Lava Cakes aka Molten Cakes are superdelish mini chocolate cakes with velvetysoft centers. Cookie Monster, you can have the cookies. Today I'm a Lava Cake Monster...grrrr!  ;)

Today's post was inspired by Molly & Mike at Rambling Vegans...they travel the land in their fair and lovely Airstream Ayla with their girls Sophie, Emma and Rowan and report on all sorts of adventures and edibles. Always a superfun and yumful ride!  :)

from Veggie Grettie

from Lauren at Healthy Food For Living

from Meg at Beard + Bonnet

from Solveig at Gluten-Free-Vegan-Girl

from Chef Chloe via Vegan Fatty Boombalatty

from Mary at Well on Wheels

from Emily at This Rawsome Vegan Life

from Tara at Apples And Ginger

Today I'm diggin' Emily's recipe because of all that nutty goji berry goodness, which makes it breakfast food as much as dessert food in my book.  :)
What other desserts would you eat for breakfast?


  1. I've always wanted to make a lava cake but have never tried it. I see a couple of possibilities in your list.

  2. Yum! I've never tried lava cake before, but your list has inspired me to have a go :)

  3. Oh, we're very flattered that we inspired this post! Lava cake is a fun treat & so delicious. Some really delicious looking ones in this post. :)

  4. Woo! Irresistable! I love Emily at this rawsome vegan life's raw lava cake...I'm dying to make it one of these days!

    1. Superdelish drizzled with pomegranate syrup too. :)