Friday, October 4, 2013

Fold. Eat. Repeat!

Happy National Taco Day!
I ran wild on raw vegan tacos this summer...I especially love the fresh wet crunch of veggie leaf tacos and the gazillion ways you can fill them up! I've tried spicy cashew cream, parsnip & apple paste, pumpkin seed pesto and every hummus I can get my hands on...yumza!
Fill your shells any way you want. Fold. Eat. Repeat!  :)

from Susanna at Divine Glowing Health

from Laws On Wellness

from TJ & RG at AstigVegan

from Christy at The Blissful Chef

from livelovefruit at Raw Edibles

from Tanya at Better Raw

from Jordan & Clark at The Fitchen

from Hevs at The Everyday Vegetarian

from Lisa at Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!)

Of course you can use any vegan taco shells, bake your own or dehydrate them if you want to go all raw.

As kids we would drip chocolate syrup down the insides of taco shells and fill them up with ice cream and the usual toppings, and the not-so-usual toppings. I think I recall a giant Rocky Road and Cornflakes Taco Monument...that was a kid-pleasing feast! Who says you shouldn't play with your food?  ;)

Have you tried veggie leaf tacos? Do you make your own taco shells? What are your favorite fillings? Do you play with your food? 


  1. You know, seeing lots of different posts on the same theme all together like this really expands the definition of that theme and gets me feeling all creative, thanks :)