Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Friend a Farm Animal!

Happy World Day for Farmed Animals!

Farm sanctuaries all over the country do superamazing things to rescue and provide homes for abused farm animals...check these out:
Farm Sanctuary -- Watkins Glen, NY/Orland, CA/Los Angeles, CA (see what they do)
Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary -- Woodstock, NY (see what they do)
SASHA Farm Animal Sanctuary -- Manchester, MI (see what they do)
They do the everyday work of caring for our farm friends, plus they hold crazyamazing fundraisers, parties, walks, bake sales, etc. Go help them out if you can or donate or buy them something from their wish list or get a t-shirt. Or friend them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/whatever social media you groove on.  :)

Learn more and take action!
And go vegan!!  :)


  1. Happy World Day for Farm Animals! My friend went to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary two months ago and she loved it! I would love to visit them one day!

    1. Their Thanksliving dinners are on my bucket list of supercool things to looks like a madblast! :)