Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Flippin' A Switch

Happy New (fill in the blank)!
One of the surprisingly simple joys of life is the fact that you can make a change for the better any time you want to. Every year, every day, every moment brings with it the potential to just flip a switch...change a habit, change a diet, change an attitude for the better. Flex and find the positive. Quit sucking lemons and make some sunny lemonade...if it doesn't work out, make luscious lemon bars instead!  :)

As we flip the calendar over to a new year, I'm bumping the blog in a new direction to try a couple of changes...

• The traditional food holiday calendar has got to go! Not all of it, but I'm definitely veganizing it. Bye bye Peking Duck Day and Beef Brisket Day. Hello Chickpea Day and Edamame Day!  :)
• Everyday I'll feature a blogger's vegan recipe matched to the day's food holiday, then show you more deliciousness from that blog. Each new day will celebrate a yumful vegan food and a supercreative vegan!

What switches are you flippin' today, large or small? Do you have suggestions for vegan food holidays? Name a vegan blogger that inspired you to try something new!  :)

2014 Daily Food Holiday and Featured Blogger Series Master List
Jan 1...Lucky Lentil Day: Susan at FatFree Vegan Kitchen
Jan 2...Papaya Day: Kathy at Healthy. Happy. Life.
Jan 3...Sesame Seed Day: Rebecca at The Vegan Chronicle
Jan 4...National Spaghetti Day: Stacy and Keith at Vegan Fatty Boombalatty
Jan 5...Chicory Day: Alice at cotto e crudo
Jan 6...National Shortbread Day: Joey at Flicking the Vs
Jan 7...National Tempura Day: Lolo at VeganYumYum
Jan 8...Toffee Day: Claire at Almost Skinny Vegan Food
Jan 9...Cauliflower Day: Chris and Harald Walker at Vegalicious
Jan 10...Vegan Dark Chocolate Day: Kristina at spabettie
Jan 11...Nut Milk Day: Koko at Koko's Kitchen
Jan 12...Tempeh Day: Julia at Julia's (Vegan) Kitchen
Jan 13...Cake in a Mug Day: Katie at Chocolate Covered Katie
Jan 14...Spelt Day: Mike and Catrell at The Wandering Coconut
Jan 15...Kumquat Day: Kris at Munchin with Munchkin
Jan 16...National Fig Cookie Day: Annie at An Unrefined Vegan
Jan 17...Brazil Nut Day: Katie at kokonut kitch
Jan 18...Meyer Lemon Day: Sherry and Sandy at Exploits of a Vegan Wannabe
Jan 19...National Popcorn Day: Lisa Dawn at Lisa's Project: Vegan
Jan 20...National Granola Bar Day: Sarah and Kristy at The Naked Kitchen
Jan 21...Overnight Oatmeal Day: Lauren at The Oatmeal Artist
Jan 22...National Blondie Day: River at Wing It Vegan
Jan 23...National Pie Day: Kelly at Seitan Beats Your Meat
Jan 24...National Peanut Butter Day: Heather at with a Side of Sneakers
Jan 25...Neep Night: Shaheen at A2K - A Seasonal Veg Table
Jan 26...National Pistachio Day: Nina at Veggie Wedgie
Jan 27...Chocolate Cake Day: Ana at AF ~ Ana Fernandez
Jan 28...National Blueberry Pancake Day: Caitlin at The Vegan Chickpea
Jan 29...Snow Pea Day: Miss Lexy at Vegan Miss
Jan 30...National Croissant Day: Helen at Paris Vegan
Jan 31...Lunar New Year: admin & guests at Vege Angel

Feb 1...Vegan Sliders Day: Michelle and Matt at Thug Kitchen
Feb 2...Heavenly Hash Day: Del at Forks Over Knives
Feb 3...National Carrot Cake Day: Amber Shea at Chef Amber Shea
Feb 4...Homemade Soup Day: Cadry at Cadry's Kitchen
Feb 5...World Nutella Day: Solveig at Gluten-Free-Vegan-Girl
Feb 6...National Chopsticks Day: Heather at Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes
Feb 7...National Fettuccine Alfredo Day: Molly at Quiche-a-Week
Feb 8...Molasses Bar Day: Corinne at Be The Change Nutrition
Feb 9...Pizza Pie Day and National Bagel Day: Seth at Ten-Minute Vegan
Feb 10...Cream Cheese Brownie Day: Heather at Veganess Eats
Feb 11...Peppermint Pattie Day: Jessica at Lookbook Cookbook
Feb 12...Scarlet Citrus Day: Amy at Fragrant Vanilla Cake
Feb 13...Chocolate Covered Pretzel Day: Kim at C'est La Vegan
Feb 14...♥V♥ Day and National Creme-Filled Chocolates Day: Amy at DAMY Health
Feb 15...National Grapefruit Month: Keely at Gormandize
Feb 16...National Almond Day: Amanda at Cupcakes and Showtunes
Feb 17...Vegan Pudding Day: Sarah at The Smart Kitchen
Feb 18...Potato Lover’s Month and UK Chip Week: Maria Rose and Kate at Rooted Vegan
Feb 19...National Chocolate Mint Day: Jenn and Jac at Sketch-Free Vegan
Feb 20...National Cherry Pie Day: Lucas and Deb at Mister Nice Guy Cupcakes
Feb 21...National Sticky Bun Day: Nathan at Vegan Dad
Feb 22...National Margarita Day and Hot Breakfast Month and...: Candice at The Edgy Veg
Feb 23...National Banana Bread Day: Carly at A Profound Hatred of Meat
Feb 24...National Tortilla Chip Day: Krista and Jess at krista and jess
Feb 25...Cannellini Bean Day: Kip at The Messy Vegetarian Cook
Feb 26...Healthy Hemp Day: Sarojini and Nandasuta at The Yogi Vegans and Vegan on a Budget
Feb 27...National Strawberry Day and International Polar Bear Day: Marie at CitronLimette
Feb 28...Polenta Day: Vanessa at Essential Vegan

Mar 1...National Fruit Compote Day: Joseph at Joseph Shuldiner
Mar 2...National Banana Cream Pie Day: Christina-Marie at Sexy Vegan Mama
Mar 3...Cinnamon Day and World Wildlife Day: Doron at Sticky Fingers Sweets & Eats
Mar 4...National Pound Cake Day and National Pancake Day: Kristy & Chris at Keepin’ it Kind
Mar 5...Fresh Fennel Day and National Absinthe Day: Maria at Scandi Home
Mar 6...White Chocolate Cheesecake Day: Ruth at Ruth Quick Nutritional Therapy & Naturopathy
Mar 7...National Cereal Day: Laurie at whisking & writing
Mar 8...Chocolate and Peanuts Day: Jess and veganpirate at Naughty Vegan Foods
Mar 9...National Vegan Meatball Day: Amy at Garlic and Sea Salt
Mar 10...Poppy Seed Day: Matthew at Vegan Heartland
Mar 11...Pine Nut Day: Julia and Michael at Cloudberries and Spice
Mar 12...National Noodle Month...The Chow Mein Edition: Jen at Vegan For Everyone
Mar 13...Hamantaschen Day: Isa at Post Punk Kitchen
Mar 14...Pi (Pie) Day: Terry at Vegan Latina
Mar 15...Nowruz and National Noodle Month: Amey at Vegan Eats & Treats
Mar 16...National Artichoke Hearts Day: Joanne at Foods For Long Life
Mar 17...Holi (and St. Patrick's Day): Dassana at Veg Recipes Of India
Mar 18...Sloppy Joe Day and Oatmeal Cookie Day: Nikki at The Tolerant Vegan
Mar 19...National Chocolate Caramel Day: Gabby at The Veggie Nook
Mar 20...Meatout Day, Ravioli Day, Day of Happiness and Springtime: Jacklyn at go vegan meow!
Mar 21...National French Bread Day: Ashley at The Unintentional Vegan
Mar 22...National Noodle Month...The Rice Noodle Edition: Renae at i eat food
Mar 23...National Noodle Month...The Bean Noodle Edition: Crystal at The Modern Vegetarian - Recipes and Vegetarian 'n' Vegan Recipes
Mar 24...National Noodle Month...The Saucy Ramen Edition: Bianca at Vegan Crunk
Mar 25...National Pecan Day and International Waffle Day: Beth at Tasty Yummies
Mar 26...Spinach Day and National Flour Month: Gail at Hungry Vegan
Mar 27...National Spanish Paella Day: Emily at Fig and Basil
Mar 28...National Noodle Month...The Soba Noodle Edition: Sandy at Chow Vegan
Mar 29...National Noodle Month...The Udon Noodle Edition: Zita at Zizi’s Adventures
Mar 30...Black Bean Day: Erin at The Forest Feast
Mar 31...National Noodle Month...The Shirataki Noodle Edition: Lyn at Wholly Freak!

April 1...Vegan Fools Day: Jon & Chris at The Vegan Zombie and TVZ on YouTube
April 2...National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day: Danie at a few good things
April 3...National Chocolate Mousse Day: Helyn at Helyn's Healthy Kitchen
April 4...Calzone Day: Chris at Vegan Happy Hour
April 5...National Caramel Day: Kathy at Healthy Slow Cooking and Busy Vegan
April 6...Asparagus Day: Devon at deli-cute-essen
April 7...Coffee Cake Day: Shannon at Killer Bunnies, Inc
April 8...National Empanada Day: Ms. v.n.t. at
April 9...Rhubarb Day: Deanna at The Mommy Bowl
April 10...Smoothie Day: Tess The Blender Girl at Healthy Blender Recipes
April 11....National "Cheese" Fondue Day: Ani Phyo at
April 12...Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day and National Grilled Cheese Month: Jackie at Vegan Yack Attack
April 13...National Peach Cobbler Day: Shelly at Vegetarian Ventures
April 14...National Pecan Month: Heather, Jonathan and David at The Everyday Veggie
April 15...Tofu In A Coat Day: Vicky & Ruth at May I Have That Recipe
April 16...Garden Pea Day: Rich and Kate at Vedge
April 17...Vegan Cheese Ball Day: Josh at My Vegan Cookbook
April 18...Hot Cross Bun Day: Emily at This Rawsome Vegan Life
April 19...Garlic Day and National Garlic Month: Brandi at The Vegan 8
April 20...Artichoke Day: Rhea at The "V" Word
April 21...Chocolate-Covered Cashew Truffle Day: Jen at Wholly Vegan
April 22...Bejeweled Vegan Earth Day: Tamara at McFarland Designs
April 23...Cherry Cheesecake Day: Lisa at Raw on $10 a Day (or Less!)
April 24...Barley Day: Lee at The Vegan Version
April 25...National Zucchini Bread Day and World Penguin Day: Mipa at Alien's Day Out
April 26...National Pretzel Day and National Soft Pretzel Month: Mathew at Veg with an Edge
April 27...Plantain Day: Justin and Amy at The Chubby Vegetarian
April 28...National Blueberry Pie Day: Nicole at veggicakes
April 29...National Florida Tomato Month: Jen at The Raw Cooked Vegan
April 30...National Raisin Day: Helen at Eat Pray Bake

May 1...National Chocolate Parfait Day and National Strawberry Month: Heather at Sweetly Raw
May 2...National Truffles Day: Vicki at Ann Arbor Vegan Kitchen
May 3...National Raspberry Tart Day: Alexander at In Vegetables We Trust
May 4...Hot Sauce Day: Mandee at Cupcake Kitteh
May 5...Cinco de Mayo and National Salsa Month: Alissa at Girl Makes Food
May 6...Vegan Crêpe Day: Jenné at Sweet Potato Soul
May 7...Adzuki Bean Day: A-K at swell vegan
May 8...National Coconut Cream Pie Day: Averie at Averie Cooks
May 9...National Butterscotch Brownie Day: Trina at Your Vegan Mom
May 10...National Barbecue Month: John at
May 11...British Sandwich Week: Aine at PeaSoup
May 12...British Sandwich Week Pt.2: Becky at VegHotPot
May 13...British Sandwich Week Pt.3 and National Apple Pie Day: Miriam at Mouthwatering Vegan Recipes
May 14...British Sandwich Week Pt.4 and "Buttermilk" Scones: Andrea at Chocolate and Beyond
May 15...British Sandwich Week Pt.5 and National Chocolate Chip Day: Naomi Rose at The Gluttonous Vegan
May 16...British Sandwich Week Pt.6: Rachel at Vanilla Sugar
May 17...British Sandwich Week Pt.7 and National Walnut Day: Sammy at An Ode To Mung Beans
May 18...Vegan Soufflé Day: Dee at I Cook Vegan Food
May 19...National Devil’s Food Cake Day: BlessedMama at Blessed Vegan Life
May 20...Pick Strawberries Day: Lauren at The Jolly Fox
May 21...Green Bean Day: Caroline at Sincerely Caroline
May 22...National Vanilla Pudding Day: Gena at Choosing Raw
May 23...Skewered Food Day: Vanessa and Rachel at V.K.Rees Photography
May 24...Avocado Day: Colynn at But Yes...I Do Eat Potatoes
May 25...National Salad Month: Franzi at Greenderella
May 26...National Cherry Dessert Day and Memorial Day: Dayna at Vegan Visitor
May 27...Vegan Food Truck Day: Adam at The Cinnamon Snail
May 28...Vegan Burger Day: Carrie at Carrie on Vegan
May 29...Cashew Butter Day: Tiffany at Live. Learn. Love. Eat.
May 30...Gazpacho Day: Alicia at Vegan Epicurean
May 31...National Macaroon Day: Rissa & Nathaniel at The Dirty Hippie & The Bohemian Girl

June 1...National Doughnut Day: Keri at I Eat Trees
June 2...National Rocky Road Day: Caitlin & Riley at Kitchen Grrrls
June 3...Frittata Day: Lizz at Lizz Delicious
June 4...National Vegan Cheese Day: Abby at The Frosted Vegan
June 5...Ginger Day and World Environment Day: Heather at Healthy Eating Starts Here
June 6...National Papaya Month: Olivia at onion sniffles
June 7...National Chocolate Ice Cream Day: Sharon at Bit of the Good Stuff
June 8...Jelly Doughnut Day: Allison at Vegan Mommy Chef
June 9...National Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie Day: Cathy at What Would Cathy Eat?
June 10...Herbs & Spices Day: Rika & Doni at vegan miam
June 11...Kamehameha Day and Hawaiian Fruit Day: Shannon at Yup, it's Vegan
June 12...Peanut Butter Cookie Day: Sarah & Lou at A House in the Hills
June 13...Cantaloupe Day: Kristen at K's Veg Recipes
June 14...National Strawberry Shortcake Day: Rita at Your Vegan Neighbor
June 15...World Chickpea Day and Happy Dad Day: Izzy at Veganizzm
June 16...National Fudge Day: Claryn at Hell Yeah It's Vegan!
June 17...National Apple Strudel Day: Mihl at Seitan Is My Motor
June 18...International Picnic Day: Cara & Bob at Hipsterfood
June 19...Collard Greens Day and Juneteenth Day: Michelle at Vegan Cooking with Love
June 20...Vegan Milkshake Day: Tara at Mantra/w: A Tempting Vegan
June 21...National Peaches & Cream Day and World Giraffe Day: Shannon at leaves & flours
June 22...National Onion Rings Day: Marya at Part-Time Health Nut
June 23...Ratatouille Day: Grace at Earthy Feast
June 24...Summer Apricot Day: Janet at Mosaic Kitchen
June 25...Strawberry Parfait Day: Carla Olive at The Bee’s Knees Kitchen
June 26...National Chocolate Pudding Day: Erica at Coffee & Quinoa
June 27...Sunflower Seed Day: Joy at For the Love of Leaves
June 28...Raspberry Month: Noelle at Peaceful Plate
June 29...Grilled Pizza Day: Leslie at Leslie Durso: Veggie Dreamgirl
June 30...Rainbow Sprinx Day: Rachel at Rachel in Veganland

July 1...Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day: Cathe at Cathe's Kitchen
July 2...National Blueberry Month: Kim at VeganBakingMama
July 3...Bean Salad Day: Poppy at Bunny Kitchen
July 4...Independence Day: Diana at
July 5...Apple Turnover Day: Mattie at VeganBaking
July 6...Mango Day: Kristina at Spiced Blueberry Shake
July 7...Strawberry Sundae Day: Katrina at The Colourful Kitchen
July 8...Chocolate Almond Day: Jen at Eating Clean Recipes
July 9...Sugar Cookie Day: Ashlae at Oh, Ladycakes
July 10...Pick Blueberries Day: Alessandra at Cucina Libera
July 11...National Blueberry Muffin Day: Lindsay at Happy Herbivore
July 12...National Watermelon Month: Tasha at The Healing Kitchen
July 13...Beans n’ Franks Day: Hannah at House Vegan
July 14...Bastille Day: Cherry at Parsley Soup
July 15...Anasazi Bean Day: Ginny at Vegan in the Freezer
July 16...Corn Fritter Day: Natalie at The Wooden Spoon
July 17...National Peach Ice Cream Day: Lori and Michelle at Pure2Raw and Purely Twins
July 18...Nelson Mandela International Day: Mel at Veganise This!
July 19...Raspberry Cake Day: Maria at Cooking With Amore
July 20...Ice Cream Soda Day: Clem at The Vegan Cookie Fairy
July 21...National Ice Cream Day: Julie at The Simple Veganista
July 22...Caraway Day: Linda at Free Range Cookies
July 23...National Hot Dog Day: Angela at The Veracious Vegan
July 24...Blueberry Smoothie Day: Barbara at Rawfully Tempting
July 25...Hot Fudge Sundae Day: Sabine at Some Like It Raw and Soul Food Passion Fruit
July 26...Jicama Day: Susan at Rawmazing
July 27...Lychee Day: Janet at Vegan Feast Catering and Gonna Go Walk the Dogs
July 28...National Milk Chocolate Day: Alisa at Go Dairy Free
July 29...National Lasagna Day: Janet at the taste space
July 30...National Cheesecake Day: Lesley at The Purple Carrot
July 31...Blueberry Ice Cream Day: Debbie at The Health Seekers Kitchen

Aug 1...Blackberry Month: Allyson at (formerly Manifest Vegan)
Aug 2...National Ice Cream Sandwich Day: Miriam at Sometimes I Veg
Aug 3...National Watermelon Day: Corinne at A Vegan Kitchen
Aug 4...National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day: Madison at One Sweet Healthy Vegan
Aug 5...Edamame Day: Livvy at 86 Lemons
Aug 6...National Root Beer Float Day: Kelly at Easy Vegan
Aug 7...Snack Cake Day: Chris & Diana at Pedaling for Peace and The Vegan Ninja
Aug 8...National Zucchini Day: Genevieve at Vanilla & Spice
Aug 9...National Rice Pudding Day: Pearl at Crunch and Chew
Aug 10...National S'mores Day: Kelly at Hidden Fruits and Veggies
Aug 11...National Panini Month: Kara, Damien & Heather at Laws On Wellness
Aug 12...World Elephant Day and Peanut Butter & Banana Day: Jennifer at It Ain't Meat, Babe
Aug 13...Pinto Bean Day: Alicia at Mangia, Gioia!
Aug 14...National Creamsicle Day: Sasha at One Small Vegan
Aug 15...Nectarine Day: Chloe at Chef Chloe
Aug 16...HellaHot Chili Pepper Day: Morgan at Fo Reals Life
Aug 17...National Vanilla Custard Day: Lauren at One Happy Table
Aug 18...National Soft Ice Cream Day: Jessica at The Alkymist
Aug 19...Hot & Spicy Food Day: Anni and Heikki at Tofu for Two
Aug 20...National Lemonade Day: Sarah at Superfoods and Squats
Aug 21...National Spumoni Day and National Pecan Torte Day: Penni at Raw Food Rehab
Aug 22...Eat a Peach Day: Madde at The Collegiate Vegan
Aug 23...National Sponge Cake Day: Bev at i bake without
Aug 24...National Peach Pie Day:  Freda at lovesmiths
Aug 25...National Banana Split Day: Audrey at The Artsy Vegan
Aug 26...Yumful Plum Day: Kate at Ohlalavegan!
Aug 27...Banana Lover's Day: Melody at Little House On The Vegan Prairie
Aug 28...Cherry Turnover Day: Mickey at Flourish
Aug 29...Chop Suey Day: RG at Astig Vegan
Aug 30...National Toasted Marshmallow Day: Kristen at Suburban Vegan
Aug 31...National Trail Mix Day: Brittany at We Heart Vegan

Sept 1...Farmers' Market Month: Ali at Farmers Market Vegan
Sept 2...National Blueberry Popsicle Day: Carrie at The Hungry Ninja
Sept 3...Tea and Scones Day: Debbie at maple•spice
Sept 4...National Macadamia Nut Day: Mark at Vegan Fusion
Sept 5...National Cheese Pizza Day: Shane & Kelly at Perfect Pizza Press
Sept 6...Almond Butter Day: Melissa at My Whole Food Life 
Sept 7...Acorn Squash Day: Antonia at Foody Bites
Sept 8...National Date Nut Bread Day: Madison & Jerome at Veggieful
Sept 9...National Mushroom Month: Erin & Jeff at Olives for Dinner
Sept 10...Tomato Tart Day: Nanette at Cooking in Color
Sept 11...National Potato Month: Maggie at The Vegan Cookbook Aficionado
Sept 12...Fresh Fig Day: Adair at Lentil Breakdown
Sept 13...National Peanut Day: Kimberly at Two Black Haired Girls
Sept 14...Eat a Hoagie Day: Alicia at Vegan Guinea Pig and The Lady and Seitan
Sept 15...National Linguine Day: Ketty & Neal at Luminous Vegans
Sept 16...National Guacamole Day: Ava at Guac and Roll
Sept 17...National Apple Dumpling Day: Noelle at An Opera Singer in the Kitchen
Sept 18...National Vegan Cheeseburger Day: Jessica at Home Vegan
Sept 19...National Butterscotch Pudding Day: Mary at Well on Wheels
Sept 20...National Rice Month: Dan at The Gourmet Vegan
Sept 21...National Pecan Cookie Day: Betsy at Raw Food Betsy
Sept 22...National Ice Cream Cone Day: Gina at Heartybite
Sept 23...National White Chocolate Day: Fernanda at Vegan Divas NYC
Sept 24...Bell Pepper Day and Wild Rice Week: April at Epicurean Vegan
Sept 25...Navy Bean Day: Kelly at vegga
Sept 26...National Pancake Day: Carolyn at Soulshine Vegan
Sept 27...National Chocolate Milk Day: Ilene at The Colorful Kitchen
Sept 28...Strawberry Cream Pie Day: Sara at Veggies For Real
Sept 29...National Coffee Day: Ashlee at The Little Foxes
Sept 30...National Hot Mulled Cider Day: Mary at Mitten Machen

Oct 1...Homemade Cookies Day and World Vegetarian Day: Amanda at Pickles & Honey
Oct 2...National Pretzel Month: Elisa at Guy Gone Vegan
Oct 3...National Caramel Custard Day: Hannah at BitterSweet
Oct 4...National Taco Day: Patrick & Kristine at The Vegan Road
Oct 5...National Apple Betty Day: Michele at SheKnows
Oct 6...National Noodle Day: Robin at Robin Robertson's Global Vegan Kitchen
Oct 7...Seitan Day: Jess at Thank God Bourbon Is Vegan
Oct 8...National Pierogi Day: Aimee at The Veg Life
Oct 9...Cornbread Day: Tasha at The Sweetest Vegan
Oct 10...National Apple Month: Kelly at Vegan Thyme
Oct 11...National Vegan Sausage Pizza Day: Nava at VegKitchen
Oct 12...National Gumbo Day: Susan at FITskitz
Oct 13...National Caramel Month: Hilda at Triumph of the Lentil
Oct 14...National Dessert Month: Celine at have cake, will travel
Oct 15...Kidney Bean Day and National Chili Month: Mandi at Lux Hippie
Oct 16...Corn Chowder Day and World Food Day: Ellen at La Pure Mama
Oct 17...National Pasta Day: Betsy at The Blooming Platter of Vegan Recipes
Oct 18...National Chocolate Cupcake Day: Eva, Leila & Sindha at Strawberry Pepper
Oct 19...Casserole Day: Annie & Dan at Meet The Shannons
Oct 20...National Popcorn Poppin’ Month: Stephanie at Trans-Planted
Oct 21...National Pumpkin Cheesecake Day: DJ Karma at VegSpinz
Oct 22...National Nut Roast Day: Johanna at Green Gourmet Giraffe
Oct 23...National Boston Cream Pie Day: June at How to Philosophize with Cake
Oct 24...National Cookie Month: Meg at The Snarky Chickpea
Oct 25...Apple Fritter Day: Michelle at Feed Your Skull
Oct 26...Pumpkin Day and Pretzel Day: Sammi at VeganPandamonium
Oct 27...National Potato Day: Marti at Tofu Mom...and Gravy!
Oct 28...National Chocolate Day: Bianca at Sweet Dreaming
Oct 29...National Oatmeal Day and National Cat Day: Jessica at Clean Green Simple
Oct 30...National Candy Corn Day: Grace at Food Fitness Fresh Air
Oct 31...Pumpkin Seed Day and Carve a Pumpkin Day and Halloween: Angela at Oh She Glows

Nov 1...World Vegan Day and World Vegan Month: Kittee at Cake Maker to the Stars
Nov 2...Navel Orange Day: Dawn at Kitchen Travels
Nov 3...National Sandwich Day: Meg and Todd at Beard and Bonnet
Nov 4...National Candy Day and National Fig Week: Clare at Calm Mind Busy Body
Nov 5...Sweet Treat Ball Day: Dynise at Urban Vegan
Nov 6...National Nachos Day: Ashley at
Nov 7...Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day: Fran at
Nov 8...Broccoli Day: Dreena at Plant-Powered Kitchen
Nov 9...Kimchi Day: Cobi at Veggietorials
Nov 10...National Vanilla Cupcake Day: Luca at the vegan kitchen of dr caligari
Nov 11...National Sundae Day: Lucy at Lucy's Friendly Foods
Nov 12...National Pizza With Everything Day: Richa at Vegan Richa
Nov 13...Brussels Sprouts Day and World Kindness Day: Christy at The Blissful (& Fit) Chef
Nov 14...National Guacamole Day: Serene at Eat Your Rainbows
Nov 15...National Bundt Cake Day: VV at Vegan Victuals
Nov 16...Pomegranate Month: David, Luise and Elsa at Green Kitchen Stories
Nov 17...Baklava Day: Beverly at The Vegan Chef
Nov 18...National Vichyssoise Day: Aimee at The French Vegan and The Sexy Vegan Kitchen
Nov 19...Stroganoff Day: Bex at Vegan Sparkles
Nov 20...Peanut Butter Fudge Day: Chef AJ at Unprocessed
Nov 21...Gingerbread Day: Rachel at Figgy Bakery
Nov 22...National Cashew Day: Shira at In Pursuit of More
Nov 23...National Eat A Cranberry Day: Andrea at Andrea's Easy Vegan Cooking
Nov 24...Nutty Pie Day: Elle at Modern Veganista
Nov 25...National Parfait Day: Marilyn at Vegan Bite by Bite
Nov 26...National Cake Day: Sarah at My New Roots
Nov 27...Split Pea Day and Hug-A-Turkey Day: Stephanie at Hope For Healing
Nov 28...National French Toast Day: Alanna at The Model House Wife
Nov 29...Chocolates Day: Hannah at Health Yeah!
Nov 30...Chia Seed Day: Deryn at Running on Real Food

Dec 1...Cookie Cutter Week: Jeanine and Jack at Love and Lemons
Dec 2...National Fritters Day: Chinmayie at Love Food Eat
Dec 3...National Pear Month: Katinka at The Thoughtful Eater
Dec 4...National Cookie Day: Jess at Cupcakes and Kale
Dec 5...National Sacher Torte Day: Yukiko at Berkshire Vegan
Dec 6...Whoopie Pie Day: Lynn at Scissors & Spice
Dec 7...Chestnut Day: Liane at VGNGF/MoveEatBreathe
Dec 8...National Chocolate Brownie Day: Zsu at Zsu's Vegan Pantry
Dec 9...National Pastry Day: Jean at My Recession Kitchen
Dec 10...Flatbread Day: Natalie at Cook Eat Live Vegetarian
Dec 11...Vegan Omelette Day: Chelsey at Like A Vegan
Dec 12...National Cocoa Day: Leslie at flora foodie
Dec 13...Buckwheat Month and National Day of the Horse: Heather at YumUniverse
Dec 14...Vanilla Bean Day: Yvonne at My Eclectic Kitchen
Dec 15...National Cupcake Day: Courtney & Colin at C&C Cakery
Dec 16...National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day: Alexis at Sugar Coated Vegan
Dec 17...National Maple Syrup Day: Victoria at The Pursuit of Hippieness
Dec 18...Bake Cookies Day: Holly at Petite Panettiere
Dec 19...National Oatmeal Muffin Day: Natalie at Bake and Destroy
Dec 20...Pesto Day: Ruth at v:gourmet
Dec 21...Kiwi Fruit Day and Winter Solstice: Agnès at Interprétations Culinaires
Dec 22...Rice Ball Day: Susanna at Divine Healthy Food
Dec 23...Anise Seed Day: Ann at vegAnn's Kitchen
Dec 24...Vegan Nog Day: Joni at Just The Food
Dec 25...National Pumpkin Pie Day and Santa Day: Cathy at Straight Up Food
Dec 26...National Candy Cane Day: Celeste at Growing Up Veg
Dec 27...National Fruit Cake Day: Rianne at Art of Dessert
Dec 28...Biscotti Day: Allysia and Mike at The Real Meal
Dec 29...Slow Cooker Day: Sally at Of the Kitten Kind
Dec 30...Baking Soda Day: Kris at nom! nom! nom! 
Dec 31...Mandarin Orange Day: Anya at Golubka

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  1. Great minds think alike - lets celebrate all those fabulous vegan food holidays! :o)